Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Recipe Book

I've been trying to write down my favorite recipes in its own little book so that I won't have to go searching online or through a cookbook every time I try to make something. Plus I think that's a great thing to have in the family in the future, where I can have recorded all of the little adjustments I make to the recipes.

The problem with this, though, is that it is a pain in the butt! Especially when it's a recipe I make all the time, having to write out all of the directions I know by heart is very irritating. But if I ever can't Copland Cal is going to d the dinner preparations, I will feel much better if I wrote down specifics.

I also made this pancake recipe this morning with a new jar of baking powder and let me tell you, that made a lot of difference. My old one was definitely expired, so today I was very surprised when I had a thick, almost bubbly batter. The pancakes were to die for as well, they were so fluffy! So if you haven't tried it yet, I'm pushing it on you!! And if your baking powder is expired like mine was, it's okay they're still magical.


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