Friday, January 13, 2012

Homemade Scribblish

 When we were on our way to Pau after leaving from Paris, we had a two-day drive there, including stops at châteaus and a stay in a hotel in Tours. On the second day's drive, we were pretty bored and had a lot of driving to do, so my friends and I decided to play a makeshift game of Scribblish, with homemade supplies. It's a similar creation to Ghettogories (the homemade version of Scattegories for poor college students or AP Photo kids to play while they ate pancakes on Fridays).
The rules were simple: come up with a phrase for the first go-around and then pass it to someone to draw the first picture based on the phrase. Then the phrase is folded down and the next person has to write a phrase based only on their interpretation of the drawing. In regular Scribblish, the first phrases are on a card and you have to pick among three options, whereas in our version we came up with them ourselves. We got pretty creative, if I do say so myself. So next time you're on some charter bus with nothing to do for a few hours, make your own Scribblish game and see how awesome you and your friends can be. I mean, just try and beat us. I know it's hard, but it's good to have a high standard to live up to. ;)

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