Monday, October 08, 2012

Cabbage for days

So.. on Saturday this happened.

16 pounds of pure, unadulterated cabbage, ripe for immediate use for the rest of our lives. So far I've made two cabbage dishes, with many, many more to come. I'll go into those in the future.

At first Cal and I were so excited to get it. Fresh vegetable! So much of it! For only $1.49! WHAT A STEAL. And now, we find ourselves needing to eat cabbage every day, all day, for every meal. Cabbage has become a joke in this household.

But we still love it, we got a great deal and get to try new recipes. That are delicious. And when we run out of this cabbage, in all honesty, we will probably go back and get a new one.

Cal working out with his "medicine ball"

Does anyone want to come over for a delicious, three-course all-cabbage dinner? (please)
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