Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paper Marbling

As seen in this post, Cal and I were making books at the Craft Center on campus. His had a leather cover, so he finished it the same day. I had grand, complicated plans for mine though.

Monday afternoon Cal and I marbled three sheets of paper each. It's not a complicated process to do, but a little complicated to explain but I'll try. Essentially, you float different dyes on top of a thick liquid, swirl it around to make it look like a marble, and then lay a sheet of coated paper on top.

It's a bit like magic but when you flip it over, it's got the whole design you just made on it. And it's beautiful! Different colored papers make different dyes show up differently so it's exciting to actually flip it over and see the results.

Here's a collage of photos I took of Cal doing one of his so you can sort of get the idea of how it all works.


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