Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bohemian Twist+Side Braid

This hairstyle worked really well for me because I have pretty fine hair, making it incredibly difficult to keep braids in, especially pulled across my head. This Bohemian Twist from My Yellow Sandbox is an interesting alternative to French braiding across the back. I pulled pretty thick sections the whole way across and when I got to my ear I re-sectioned the hair and braided down. In order to get a braid that sits well on the side, you should twist until it feels like you've gone too far around, and that should be perfect. Simple and quick, but it might take some practice to get the right combination of hold, placement and look.

**Just realized that because she released an ebook, the video tutorial for this hairstyle is no longer available. I bought the ebook, and I highly recommend it, but I'll try to give a quick description of how to do it. It essentially follows the concept for French braiding, but with two pieces. You take two sections of hair and twist the bottom around the top (twist section A around B). Then, pull a section from the lower half of your hair, add it to the (new) bottom section (now section B), and twist around (section B around section A). It's important to realize you're only adding hair from the bottom, not the top. Give it a try and see if you understand it, if not go get the ebook!**
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