Thursday, August 09, 2012

Sand Bison

Now, I never was much for sandcastles. Bucket shaped chunks of sand? No thanks. But one of the first days we were at the beach, I was hit with this lightning bolt of inspiration... sand lobster (picture forthcoming). I created a quite lifelike lobster complete with a dish of melted butter, which inspired Cal to make a turtle. And since we have become recently obsessed with bison and that day HAPPENED to be the day an albino bison was featured on the news, we took our inspiration to the sand and made a gigantic sand bison. And we named him Alberto. He has a beard, knobby knees and a 3D horn. On the placard below his feet, however, is inscribed "Alberto the Albino Buffalo." Which was a mental oversight on my part that he was more specifically a bison, but my subconscious was apparently intent on making it rhyme. 

So there you go, sand animals. Which will soon be followed by more sand animals, now that I remember we did this. 
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