Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Calvin Betancourt has a website

After what seems like forever, we made a website for him. And by we, I mean I did. ;) One morning we were talking about it and then I was just like "you should buy a domain" and about a minute later he bought one. And then I proceeded to create a site for him using Wordpress which was very very frustrating until after I got to know it (naturally). Finally we came up with something that we both liked and I was able to add some cool features thanks to some plug-ins and FTP maneuvering.

Anyway, he has a website now! With videos and news and photos and a store!! So go take a look! (and buy a CD, you can get a hardcopy mailed to you or immediately get a digital download) If you can't tell, I'm very proud of it, and him.

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