Monday, March 12, 2012

Computer Repair

This a poem dedicated to getting your computer fixed:

Oh computer, you fickle fiend,
Why are you so slow?
Why are you so mean?
You are only four,
Not yet old
And replacing you would make me oh so poor.
So I will deliver you
To a genius at the Apple store
Who will perform a critical review
And get back to me by phone. 
In a few days I will be informed 
Whether you will survive or never come home. 

If you can't tell, I took my computer in to get some much needed TLC before I threw it out a window out of frustration. I got the callback Sunday that nothing is wrong with the hard drive, so they restored it to Leopard. Meanwhile I ordered some RAM to upgrade that mess before I put Snow Leopard/Lion on it. Three times the power, baby! I will keep you informed of the results, my friends. Try to be patient. 
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