Friday, March 09, 2012

Thirsty Mind

Right now, I'm sitting at Thirsty Mind Coffee and Wine Bar (what an interesting combination, right?) with Cal waiting to play an open mic. The guy who hosts it is late, yikes, so we've been sitting here drinking tea and I have been playing with the new iPhoto app... Which is very cool but will definitely need some work to get a hang of it. It's more complicated than all of the other photo editing apps I've played with, paid or unpaid. But you can definitely do some cool stuff. So, this is a photo of a squirrel eating an acorn that I edited with the app. I took this photo earlier today while I was waiting for Cal to pick me up from school. I saw this little bugger running around with this acorn in his mouth and I chased him around til I got a decent photo. I then chased a black squirrel around and got a photo of him being majestic on a hilltop, which I will share another time.
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