Tuesday, March 13, 2012


On Sunday night, Cal, me and a couple of his friends went out to this bar called Snowzee's. It reminds me of the good old biker bars back home, honestly, but apparently on Sundays they have this really popular open mic. So popular that if you're not there very very early, you aren't getting a slot. Cal's friend went an hour before it started and they had already filled all the time slots. So it's filled with a bunch of local musicians who are pretty good and have put in some time at the studio Cal interns at, so he's familiar with many of them. There were lots of different types of groups, from an Ingrid Michaelson-ish lady, to a saxophone-led jam band and a reggae-tone rapping group with bongos. One guy just solo'ed on his flute for ten minutes. All in all it was definitely fun, and interesting, and worth it to stay until 1 (even though they weren't even done!!)... I mean, as long as my class on Monday isn't until ten, which just happens to be the case. 

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