Friday, January 27, 2012

Summing It Up

 One thing I absolutely detest is at the end of a relationship (romantic or otherwise) the other person attempts to "sum up" what they thought of the experience. Either there was just a break up, or you're taking a break, or you had a really good time with a friend and then one or both of you has to leave for some reason, maybe to go back to school, but in any case, there's a situation where things are changing and won't be the same again after this event.

Summing it up usually sounds something like "I had a really good time with you. I learned so much like ___ and ___ and I'll never forget what you've taught me and what I've experienced with you..." etc. But to me that's such a banal, overly simplistic view of any relationship with a person. To me, usually, the time I spend with someone that warrants a "summing up" usually was so much more than just a good time, usually is a relationship that describing in a few sentences is more of an insult than anything else. It's one thing to express your gratitude to someone for a shared experience and it's another to do it with such an intense note of finality, with a detachment that sounds more like how a textbook would read or a bout of over-used clichés. 

So please, don't "sum up" your relationships, don't sell your experience short by a few almost meaningless phrases. Relationships with other people are some of the most amazing and treasured memories a person can have and something like that just taints them and makes them seem so unimportant.

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