Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Gâteau, Regionalism, Powerpoints

This Friday, Catalina and I are giving our semester presentation on cake. Which, let's be honest, is going to be awesome because we're bringing cake for everyone to eat. I just finished my part of the powerpoint (but not my talking points that I have to turn in tomorrow, yikes) so for the next few minutes I am an expert on everything involving cake history. TEST ME.

The Eiffel Tower in Madrid
In addition to this huge presentation that is supposed to be around an hour long, I have another presentation/movie/powerpoint mélange that I have to do for my Regionalism in Europe class. I have to throw together a movie to playback continuously and self-explanatorily (didn't realize that was actually a word) during the class for people to observe on regional street art. I have some photos I took in Pau, Bayonne and Madrid and I'm using photos my friends took when they all went to exotic European places for the vacation. Somehow though I have to combine all of these things into an analysis of the prevalence,  similarities, differences, and uses for street art in different regions. This is my final project for this class that has to be ready for tomorrow night so send me good wishes, please, please please just until 5 PM my time (which for those on the East Coast would be 11 AM and those on the West Coast 8 AM, to make it real easy). 
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