Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Accidents, Coincidences and Fate

I don't really believe in coincidence. I think that everything that happens in our lives matters, affects us, and changes us, even in minute ways we may never realize. Every person we meet matters in some way, every introduction could change your life. There are the people who change you without you realizing it, who come into and out of your life like they're under a cloak in the night but then there are those people who you spend every day with and most nights with, whose habits you pick up and exchange, who have heard all your stories and stick around to make new ones with you. Sometimes those people pop up in your life and you attach yourself right away to them, sometimes it takes weeks or months or a random situation to throw you together, but either way you find yourself in them and they find themselves in you. The people who matter most don't necessarily stay around for a long time or rest in the cavity they've carved out in your heart and sometimes you find out they haven't always been exactly what they've been telling you. Whatever the case, they participated in your life in a major way for a time and that contribution shouldn't be taken lightly.

I can trace the reason I'm able to be in France all the way to high school, and really, so much of my life has happened the way it has because of this same event. The people I've met here have mattered so much to me and I've relied on them to become my home away from home, my friends and confidants, and my partners in this great adventure. As the days of being here wind down to a smaller and smaller number, I wonder how many of them I'll stay in touch with, how many I'll see again, how many I'll never hear about again.

All I know is that nothing that happens is ever an accident, no one you meet is ever by chance. So many things had to happen just right for two people to meet, or for an opportunity to arise that chance is no longer a logical choice. And life is beautiful, random and perfect because of that. 
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