Thursday, November 10, 2011

Short Weeks and Surprise Excursions

Today is the last day of classes for us for the week because of Armistice Day tomorrow which is so awesome. The downside though is that most of the buses don't run so I have to walk everywhere, but that's all okay. I'm totally willing to make that sacrifice. Classes were good and quick and I got my midterm report. I'm at an A- in Oral and between a B+ and A- for written so far so that's good, even though my grades don't count towards my college GPA anyway.

I found out today that there is another USAC excursion!! I had no idea really, I thought Gavarnie was the last one but apparently there's one next Saturday to St.-Bertrand and somewhere else where there are ancient caves and crypts and SO MUCH HISTORY. I love history and old things and underground things. But you know this already.

Monday is the day I have to pick classes for next semester which also happens to be my last semester of college. Freaking out, much? Yes, absolutely. I know roughly what classes I want to take but I'm still really mind-blown at the fact that it's already been four years. I am in such a different position now than I was four years ago, everything about my life is completely NOT how I would have expected it, but that's the beautiful part of life. Our expectations are usually not as good, or right or well-timed as real-life ends up being. I'm excited to see what's going to be different four years from now... Hmmmmm all the possibilities! 
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