Monday, November 14, 2011

Rock climbing!

On Saturday I happened to run into my conversation partner, Yohan while I was waiting for the bus and he told me about a rock climbing competition they were having at the rock climbing gym and invited me to come along. He does slackline and they were setting up a demonstration outside of it so a little later, my friend Andy and I went there and worked out hard. In the back of the photo you can see the wall where the competition was being held and the thing I'm on is a cube that you don't have to be harnassed in for. So I did one tour of the cube and Andy did two plus some extra random climbs/attempts at backflips. We also slacklined with Yohan which I am decent at (for a beginner, of course). I can get on, walk and turn but I have to be holding on to someone with one hand for the most part. This was seriously the most sporty day I've had in France because after all of this, we went and played frisbee with some Erasmus students (students from countries who are part of the European Union who study in another country than their own).

Let's just say I'm still sore. 
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