Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vlog #7 (et en Français!)

Translation in English when you click on the jump.

Translation (not word for word, my friends):
Hello everyone [most of this was cut off], this is for Katherine because she's sick and she asked me if I could record a vlog in French. I told her yes but I would rather just do half of one in French and so half of this will be in French. So we'll start by talking about last weekend. I told you already that I went rock climbing Saturday with a friend and my conversation partner Yohan.  I also slacklined and that was really really fun. I didn't tell you that I went to Lourdes Friday with Catalina. We went by train and it was only a half hour ride. It was so nice and there weren't a lot of people there. It was good. We drank holy water and we visited the cathedral and ate ice cream. It wasn't really good at all, I like the ice cream in Pau, from Giorgio's (that I've already talked about a lot). What to say... Today it rained but the rest of the week is supposed to be really nice with lots of sun. It shouldn't be less than 19 degrees celsius, 60 degrees Fahrenheit. What else to say.. I just came back from my writing workshop class and today we found the ingredients of a "portrait" (in a French literature magazine). We had to read the article and find out what makes up a portrait for homework and we went over that today. I have one more class today at 5 PM, 17h in Europe, until 19h30 (7:30 PM) and after that I have nothing to do. 
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