Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puffer's Pond

This is a photo of half of the pond where I go swimming! It's called Puffer's Pond and it's pretty cool. It flows off into a waterfall at the far end of the photo. I went there today with Cal and had a great/awful time. I read a lot and got a nice tan going and I even saw a bat! Even though they're not supposed to be out in the daytime. Cal said that there are certain types of bats that they can dip their feet in the water but if anymore gets wet they will drown! After that, there was a tic on Cal's towel and that was absolutely disgusting. It tried to burrow into the towel the same way it would into skin and was just... gross to watch and took forever to kill it cuz it kept trying to burrow. Then after I was back at my apartment I found out there was a beetle (that looked like this) stuck in my hair so after much screaming, frantic head scratching and the decisive drop of a sandal, the ordeal was over with. But it was so traumatizing! I mean, how many bugs have to torture me before they let me be?! I would love to let them be if they would stop trying to interact with me.

So now, Puffer's Pond is forever negatively tainted for me and bugs are just that much more gross. Side note: why would a city make the name of a pond OFFICIALLY Puffer's Pond? I mean, colloquial nickname, I get it, but official?!
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