Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This (<-) is a random picture of a flower that has nothing to do with my upcoming trip to Boston, on Friday and Saturday. Friday I will be getting my visa at the consulate and Saturday I will be attending a Sox game. Epic, right? I haven't been to Boston in over a year now, which is forever when you're only 2.5 hours away from your favorite city in the whole world that you've been aching about leaving ever since you first left.

Most importantly though, there are four main food groups that I will be gorging myself on while I'm there because there are not any here:
1) Upper Crust Pizza. They have the best sauce in all the land.
2) UHop veggie burgers and french fries. I haven't had a single good one comparatively since I left and eventually stopped attempting to find one.
3) Boloco cajun burritos. Boston Local Company. Yummiest burritos ever with different unique flavor and spice combinations that are ridiculously tasty.
4) Red Sox ballpark hotdogs. They're just delicious and I mean, come on, you buy them at Fenway Park.

This will be amazing. And I will probably be posting all sorts of nostalgia photos about where I lived and spent my time and how much I miss it all. Ohhhh Boston. You historical hunk of a city.
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