Monday, July 18, 2011

My Zucchini

This is my zucchini plant, growing in the back of Cal's yard. As you can tell, it is huge, because each leaf is about five times the size of one of my hands, and there are tons of leaves. I actually planted this seed right before I went to Florida and just left it outside and when I came back, it was like five inches long! So we planted it in Cal's backyard where his landlord was planting a huge garden. And about a month and a half later, this is what it turned into! It was amazing. This zucchini on the left is the first one I picked (and ate) and it was absolutely amazing. Fresh, homegrown vegetables that are in-season always taste a million times better than grocery store vegetables. If you don't like vegetables, that is probably why! Availability does not mean the taste quality is the same all year.

Since then, we've gotten three more zucchini with more on the way! It's exciting isn't it? The valley where I live is said to have some of the most fertile farmland in the region and based on the size of this plant with no care other than dirt, sun and rain, I have to agree.

More importantly though, Brianne won the HPMQTG! With 5/5 correct on the first attempt. She's got some serious HP skills and she's getting a gift from me for winning! (But Brianne, I'm just going to bring it with me instead of sending it in the mail, so you gotta wait til I come home!)
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