Thursday, July 21, 2011


Tomorrow I'm leaving for Boston for two days and packing for that has made me think far too much about packing for France. Packing for a four month trip is daunting in itself, but add on to the fact that you're packing a month before you have to leave and you also have to pack for hot hot Southern California desert weather at the same time, and the task gets ridiculous. The climate I'm going to in France is like Berkeley weather, 50-70s all year long and rainy. So I'm simultaneously packing for two different climates! It's scary. I've already started making lists of what I need to bring just for France, for France and California and what I need to bring and leave in California.

Over-thinking? Maybe, but this is serious stuff! I have to pack everything I'm going to need in a new country for four months right now!!
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