Friday, September 24, 2010

Midterm Elections

There are a lot of primaries and midterm elections being held between now and November. In a time where many people are apathetic to voting and being an "informed public," are you planning on voting? These elections could mean a lot for what policies are going to be enacted and what laws will pass within the next two years depending on whether or not the democrats maintain control of Congress. Registering to vote takes about five minutes at your local post office and on the actual day of, voting takes about 5-20 minutes depending on what time you go to your assigned polling area. Don't be the typical unconcerned American who doesn't participate in the freedom that so many people have given everything to keep! Get out there and voice your opinion. <3

Are you planning on voting? On reading your voting pamphlet and making an actual decision about who and what you want your government to be like?

Rock the Vote provides all the information you could ever want about how to vote, what happens if you're a student living out of state, and even a voting registration form you can print and fill out at home. 
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