Monday, September 27, 2010

Amherst Apple Harvest & Crafts Festival

On Saturday, there was an Apple Festival at Amherst Common. The local farmers' market was also going on at the same time so we were able to get fresh produce and see a whole bunch of awesome homemade stuff. There was a petting zoo, a silent auction, sun-gazing and voter registration (GO REGISTER!). It was a fun few hours while we were there and we got to see some amazing ingenuity. Some people sculpted wood, others carved stone. There was homemade photography, a landscape photographer, lots of knitters and quilters, and a hammock salesman. There were even these awesome mittens (as seen below) that are made from old sweaters and lined with fleece. In the farmers' market, there were lots of different vendors including grass-fed yogurt and cheeses, grass-fed beef and pork and real maple syrup and maple candy. It was completely awesome and you should look into your own local programs, especially those local, organic farmers' markets. You really have never tasted good vegetables until you've had them from a local farmer.
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