Friday, August 13, 2010

Spontaneous Living

Here's a picture of my cousin just for fun. Isn't she adorable in my socks?

As an in-your-face to everything that says that every part of my life must be lived out according to plan, I have decided to live spontaneously. Not all the time and there are some things that I just won't do, but I am going to be doing things just because I want to at that time, for the sake of living more, and having more stories to tell my grandchildren.

On this note, I got my nose pierced yesterday! It was between a nose piercing and a tattoo of a brontosaurus on my bicep, but since tattoos are permanent and nose piercings are not, I opted for the less risqué one for my bout of spontaneity. I honestly didn't think I was even going to go through with it until I started signing a consent form at Pokerz. The guy who did it, Steve, was super calm and friendly and apparently lived for most of his life in different parts of Europe, Germany being his favorite. It barely hurt at all. The most painful part (apart from jabbing myself in the eye with a paper towel), was when he switched the needle he used for piercing for the stud, but that only lasted like five seconds. The only color of the bent stud they had in store was red, but since this was about being spontaneous and not about being picky, I went for it. In a few weeks (before my sister gets married!) I will be switching out the red for a clear crystal.

So here is the beginning of a bunch of awesome things I'm going to try and do. This is my attempt to reduce the "Things I Wish I Tried But Never Did" list and I'm starting while I'm young.
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