Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Values

The older I get, the more "old-fashioned" I get, not only because I want to make everything homemade, from scratch, and myself, but also because of the goals I have for my future. This is especially true when it comes to the idea of my family. I want more kids than I used to, I want to be a housewife and I want to homeschool (at least for a while). But the more people I tell about this, the more people disapprove by telling me that that's not good enough for me, that they're disappointed I wouldn't do something MORE. But all I can see is how great of a challenge being a housewife would be. Not only would I want to keep my household running smoothly as my end of the bargain, but I would get a chance to be ultra-creative by making new menus, playing around with dishes, and making sure my family and I eat healthy. Not just that, but I would have time to actually do all of my hobbies, like paint, knit, tat, sew, read, write, and do super cool things like make my own cheese (still wishing for that). And I can't imagine anything more mentally and physically demanding than teaching a child one-on-one.

Now obviously, I have more time to think about this and maybe I will change my mind, but for now this is the most difficult but rewarding career I can see myself in.

What do you think about stay-at-home mothers/wives? And homeschooling? Do you have family members who are housewives?
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