Friday, January 01, 2010


Okay so this post is going to be a little different than what I have done before, because this post is in recognition of the success of one of my friends. This girl I have known for seven years and she has always been creative, committed, and passionate. And what more can you ask of a person? She now runs her own magazine and does A LOT of the work herself. She does all of the lay-outs, designing, interviews, contact with publicists and artists, website control and advertising (both for and in the magazine). This may not seem like much for someone who's taken classes upon classes in web design and journalism, but she is completely self-taught by trial and error and help from some friends. She started off her first venture in magazine-making not knowing how to use Photoshop and never having heard of programs like InDesign. But she made it happen through the clever use of her resources. Now, she is practically a pro in all of these areas. I have watched her progress as an artist, writer, photographer and her own publicist pretty much since the beginning and her work is phenomenal. It's ridiculous how much a person can learn and master with time and effort.

Anyway, her current project is called "positivexposure," a magazine devoted to creating a positive image and environment for artists to work in and for fans to enjoy. Unlike many mainstream music and art magazines that focus on criticism to the extent of bashing artists, positivexposure is just what it's name implies: a place where artists are appreciated for their work and effort and negative comments are left aside. All in all, it's a welcoming environment that should encourage more participation in the artistic community without fear of having your head ripped off if a few people don't like it. More people need to be exposed to this kind of attitude because this is the attitude that changes the way things are.

So props to Sunny and her consistent efforts to use her talents and abilities to make an impact on people. Issue 4 is set to come out today so get over to positivexposure's website and check it out, along with the other three issues and tons of news and information. You can even look at all of this stuff for FREE and view the magazine (did I mention it's free?) in a convenient and sweeeeet format that you'll just have to see for yourself.

Happy New Year!
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