Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Break

I stayed in Boston a few days after I finished finals and that was definitely one of my better decisions. It gave me a chance to take time for myself and relax in my apartment like I hadn't been able to do all semester. And since I don't want my apartment to be synonymous with stress, it was very healthy.

But once I got home, I was babysitting/running errands from the second my mom picked my up from the Flyaway until, well, this morning. Highlights of the week? Peep (my baby cousin) being adorable, my bulldog opening his own plastic stocking filled with toys (pictures to follow soon) and the new yarn I'm making mittens out of.

I promise I'll try to post more often next semester and not get lazy. I'm taking second semester ochem with intensive lab, second semester calculus, fourth semester French, and second semester biology. This will be my first semester in college that doesn't feature at least one poli sci class!

Anyway, good night! I'm trying to stay on an east coast time schedule to make it easy on myself when I go back and have 8/9 AMs every morning.
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