Saturday, January 02, 2010


I don't believe in abortion. I would never get one, I hope none of the people I love would get one or need to get one. But I have some serious issues with the "Pro-Life" group and their extremists and I would never call myself one of them.

First, abortion isn't necessary now on so many levels. If someone has unprotected sex and especially if they get raped, there is the morning after option that doesn't kill a fetus if it is already implanted and only prevents ovulation. There is no killing involved and it is a safe way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy if birth control fails or if a rape occurred. Also many people who got abortions as teenagers or as adults attest that it always haunted them and they felt the need to make amends for that decision. Alright.

Pro-Life people are not pro-life. They bomb abortion clinics, kill doctors who perform abortions, set fire to houses and clinics with patients, people, and families inside of them. That is not a pro-life attitude but one saying that they are judges that an unborn baby is more important than an adult human life. For a pro-life group, they really only subscribe to the right to life of fetuses and not other humans while in fact, everyone is equal and has an equal right to live no matter who they are or what circumstances they are in. People should base their views on everything on pure, selfless love for all people and not judge who gets to be alive and who gets to die because they do not possess the capacity to judge their equals. The Pro-Life extremist groups are exactly the same as the people they are "fighting against."

I also have issues with government control of abortion. If families and communities performed their responsibilities of educating themselves and each other on resources available and what principles they should hold, then government control of abortion would not be necessary. This issue needs to be resolved in the social, not the political sphere. Everyone needs to come at the situation with love and an open-mind instead of turning into stubborn bigots every time the subject gets brought up. No one likes to listen to someone who won't appreciate their point of view, but most everyone can be swayed by natural reason.

I believe in Pro-Love. What about you?
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