Sunday, September 13, 2009

Second Week, First Semester

The second week of my first semester starts tomorrow and I still love it, yay! So far my favorite class is Organic Chemistry (I know, right?) which is awesome and quite a surprise. To save money, I bought my ochem book as an ebook so I'll let you know how that goes. My French class is going well also, I actually skipped a semester of French because the classes here aren't as fast-paced as the language classes at Berkeley.. I also skipped a semester of General Chem for the same reason. I'm taking two ballet classes too, and a political science class that only has four people so it's super personal and one-on-one. And then there's calculus for social science majors which is all basic basic review right now and very boring.

Calvin lives like a fifteen minute walk away which is so surreal after having been so far away for so long. Another thing I'm very happy about is having a KITCHEN. I'm cooking up all sorts of goodies and I have to be eating healthier than ever, which is saying something because I'm pretty good about balancing my diet.

I have also been painting a lot and reading a lot and completing all of my homework and even.. GASP... getting ahead?! It's all new and exciting. I guess having your own place really does increase productivity. Oh and new favorite fruit? Raspberries. mmmmmm.
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