Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Approach

This molecule here is actually how the active ingredients in LSD are bonded together.

This molecule here is the active ingredient Levanorgestrol, the hormone in the Plan B pills

This is how I like to spend my evenings.

And finally, a drawing of a hungry monster from Calculus lecture

I have decided to take a new approach to this whole blog-writing shenanigans because as most of you have realized, I don't post more than once a month if not less with this whole "this is how I'm doing blahblah" update thing. So I'm expanding my horizons to include things I find interesting that I learn in class as well different experiences and other stuff that happens while I'm here. And to begin...

Disclaimer: This information is repeated from an Organic Chemistry lecture and its truth is based only the integrity of my professor.

On Tuesday we were learning about functional groups, you know, the things that give organic molecules their names, and my professor put up two very interesting slides, both about the functional group "arenes." Arenes are made up of benzene rings, the circular bonds of carbons surrounded by hydrogens, connected together. They are the result of the decomposition of organic material. Partial combustion of organic material produces a combination of arenes that is weakly carcinogenic. And where is a common place this carcinogenic material is found? Grilling meat on a barbecue, is one. Those char marks on your burgers, dogs, and chicken are actually evidence of carcinogenic arenes.

Second slide? In a meteor that came from Mars, there were arenes present in molecules. And since arenes are only produced as the result of a decomposition of organic material, it is pretty safe to say that yes, there is/was life on Mars. Who knew ochem could be so much fun?
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