Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four midterms in one week?!

Cal and I up in the Campanile!

Rodeo Beach at Marin, where we retreated! The sand was actually rocks!

It was like a preview of finals week, but worse because I still had to keep up with doing more work in other classes (two of the four midterms were for my French class, one oral and one written). Luckily today was the last of it. I only have to do one more English assignment and some French work for tomorrow and then I will be flying home for spring break! On Saturday it is "bring your family to work day" for the navy so my family and I are driving to San Diego to go on my sister's boat for a day cruise. It should be interesting at the least, I am curious to see how they will keep us entertained for a day, hopefully with some form of ping pong or on-deck soccer.

I am applying to attend a 10-day church event in Arizona where the participants explore their calling in life and learn more about their own faith and the possibilities that are opened because of it. It is all expenses paid too! How much better can it get? My pastor and the pastor intern at my church wrote me letters of recommendation, so I will be finishing the application (along with catching up/staying caught up in my classes) over spring break.

On similar news of applications and what not, I am so close to being finished with transfer applications! It feels so good! I just have one more form to send in (the equivalent of a progress report in high school) which should be done tomorrow. It will be a big weight off my shoulders, and only leaves finding out who accepts me!

One last note, I officially used my travel voucher to get a ticket to Connecticut for the beginning of May (6-14 to be exact)! Expect lots of excited posts about that. I have to pick my classes for next semester at Berkeley soon, which I hopefully will not ever take. :)
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