Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1/2 Spring Break= finished

This was pulling into port at the end of the day. We were an hour late, it was like being locked in prison!This is where my sister sleeps! On the top bunk
This is on top of the ship!
This was the first picture, after breakfast around 5:30 AM.

Today being Wednesday and the halfway point of my spring break, I figured it was time for a nice little post.

On Saturday, my family and I went on a "Friends and Family Day Cruise" on my sister's naval ship, the USS Nimitz, for eight hours. I got home from the airport on Friday night around 9 PM, and at 1:30 AM, we were leaving to drive to San Diego. We boarded the ship around 5 AM after a hassle getting inside (my sister didn't have our guest pass and her "department" got changed recently and wasn't right on the paperwork). We sat inside the hangar bay where all the airplanes are kept. Did I mention it was an aircraft carrier? And one of the biggest in the entire navy. No airplanes were onboard for our trip though, so it was danishes and coffee while we waited for the ship to leave at 8:30 AM. My sister gave us a tour of her workplace on our way to the head (Navy for bathroom). She is washing dishes right now, but normally she's a welder/engineer.

Lunch started at 10, and there was an airshow at 12. We ate lunch twice that day, once before the airshow and once afterward. I hate to admit, but I fell asleep on the bleachers for most of the airshow. Having already seen an airshow at Edwards Air Force Base with my robotics team before, an airshow was not a new thing to me. Especially because at Edwards, the airshow involved planes performing daring feats together in extremely close quarters. This airshow was mostly just a single plane flying by, and based on loud noises and the ability of them to sneak up on us. They did drop some bombs in the ocean and the first thing I thought was "poor sea life."

We were scheduled to pull into port at 4:30, so what did we do the rest of the day, you might ask. Mostly a lot of sitting around. My sister and I got matching navy jackets, she because she was freezing, me because it was waterproof and after an experience I don't want to repeat involving soccer, rain, and no waterproof clothing. Our boredom also explained the reason we ate twice that day. Anywho, here are some pictures and I will update again soon.
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