Monday, April 13, 2009

I moved into a new room today!

Before unpacking!

It is absolutely amazing! What can I say?! I moved into a double on a coed floor, two floors above my other one, haha. My new roommate is really chill and it is wonderful. I have so much more space and so much more privacy. This is such a whole new feeling! I only wish my roommate went even more crazy on me earlier in the year. I can tell the rest of my time here is gonna pass by very quickly.

Why did I need to change rooms? you may ask. Well, my crazy roommate (see post below) went even more crazy! She started being incredibly hostile towards me and it all culminated into an argument about something totally silly (I wanted the window open, you know, the one that was not near her) and she caused it to escalate until I left and she cursed me out while I was shutting the door. Thus, I got a room transfer in about three days because it was unsafe living there with her. Luckily she went home for Easter the day after this happened, so I was able to stay in my room for the weekend. She comes back tomorrow, but all my stuff will be gone! I hope it comes as a shock to her.

On another note, on Saturday I went to San Francisco and got a new iPhone from the Apple Store because my old iPhone had all sorts of software issues. Also on Saturday, I was bearer of the cross at the Easter Vigil and on Sunday I was bearer of the cross and gave the unfermented wine during communion. It was awesome.

French calls to me!

And also, a little graphic I want to share that my friend sent to me:
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