Friday, February 27, 2009

I believe my roommate is emotionally unstable.

I am in a triple. Here is a condensed version of what happened today:

Roommate A planted her straightener by Roommate B's stuff. But in a totally conspicuous place, where if you even glanced into the closet, you would see it. Roommate A commenced to perform a bad show of acting to try and convince me that Roommate B stole it. The first things that came into my head were (a) she misplaced it herself or (b) she planted it in my stuff or Roommate B's stuff.

She left. As I was leaving for class, I ran into Roommate B in the hallway and told her the straightener was missing and told her to read a defamatory note Roommate A posted on the outside of our door for the "maintenance" people to see. When I got outside on the sidewalk, Roommate B called down from the window of our room and got my number, and called me. She said the straightener was by her box and she didn't know what to do. I told her to talk to the RA and not to touch it. The RA came in, saw it, and knew that it was planted. A Berkeley student doesn't steal something and leave it out in the open by the closet doors where (as I suspect she was hoping) a maintenance man would happen upon it and do what the note said (he didn't even read it).

A bunch of other dramatic stuff happened where Roommate B and I both know that Roommate A planted it in hopes of "getting Roommate B kicked out of the dorms," as she mentioned to me. To quote.. "I hope she did steal it so I can get her kicked out."

Before you say that we don't have any real evidence she planted it, just know that I am very observant and noticed a lot of flaws between her story and just the time frame of the incident and the preceding incidents that occurred between my roommates, mainly while I was gone (convenient). Roommate A has also misplace a lot of things before and immediately blames it on us, saying we stole it, and comes out and asks if we took it. So why so different this time? Because it was a plot.

This makes me fear leaving my stuff in my room, as well as for my own safety. If a person is willing to frame another person in hopes of getting her kicked out and other legal punishments imposed upon them because the other person doesn't like her, what else would she be willing to do? And that is where Roommate B's and my fear stems from.

Wish us luck in sorting through this mess. I'm going home this weekend with Cal so he can meet my family. Hopefully Roommate A's family will be coming up here so she is not alone with Roommate B. All sorts of fanciful stories will emerge otherwise.
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