Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wait for the onion...

I went to a hibachi grill on Tuesday to celebrate a friend's birthday and had Cal capture this picture of the onion (classic). It was a really quick dinner experience. Even with nine people, we were all ready to go and handed the waitress our checks within an hour. Unfortunately, it took half of the time to feed us as it did to get our checks back to us. As in 30 minutes!

When they brought our checks back, my card was gone. Missing, lost, kaput!

But that's okay, because they found it and I didn't freak out. For some reason, I was totally calm about it. I mean it takes like 5 minutes to cancel a card and you get refunded for any unauthorized purchases... Plus how far could hey get when I know that it's already missing? So I wasn't upset at all and it all worked out without having to make frantic phone calls to Bank if America.

What's the point of all this? Don't go to a hibachi place that won't let you substitute noodles for fried rice, when you hate fried rice.

(Caught you off guard, didn't I?)


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