Tuesday, January 01, 2013

On this fine January morning

My cousin posted this today and it made me cry so I think I ought to share it too! I think these are all really healthy things for anyone to do and strive for, regardless of where they are in life. Since my year's theme is courage, I think all of these things require courage to do and face, so I'm hoping to make some progress with these and use this year to grow and progress.

And on another note, I shared this video about this time last night, but I just listened to it and it cut down to my heart so I thought I would share it again. It really struck me how the same song, which meant so much a year ago, could again take on a new meaning in a different light.

I am just about done packing to fly home tomorrow, minus things I will need later today. I fly at 7 AM but I am going to my sister's tonight so she can drop me at the airport tomorrow at like 5:30. Wish me luck that my bag isn't overweight! Hopefully I'll be having smoked ribs for lunch at my cousin's as my farewell to home. 
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