Thursday, October 04, 2012

Debate Fact Check

I've seen a lot of people making comments on the presidential debate last night which arouses very different feelings from me. First, I'm glad they're actually watching the debate, that's the first step to getting more political participation. My second reaction is generally "why don't you read legitimate news sources?!" And my third is oh please don't believe everything you hear!!!!!

Which is what so many people do. A lot of what they said was completely false, half-true, or didn't take into account the reality of the situation. For example, every bill passed has to pass through a Democratic House and a Republican Senate before the president can sign it. Which mean every bill goes through negotiation after negotiation to emerge as half of what is was actually intended to do. And they said they supported things that their track record (even just since the campaign began) shows no evidence of.

So I'm giving you THIS LINK. Please go to it. Pretty please. It has useful and interesting graphics to grasp your attention!! This goes through the speeches and reports on the facts behind them and whether they were truths, lies or something in-between. Tada!



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