Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend in NYC

This weekend, Kat showed me a fantastic time in New York. And by fantastic, I mean painful because it wasn't a good touristy weekend if you didn't go home achy.

I got there Friday night and we went out to eat at an Indian restaurant and got free rice pudding for dessert because she was the victim of a water-spill. That was my first time eating rice pudding so it was an adventure of deliciousness. After dinner, we wandered around Madison Avenue, where I saw glamor and just weird, weird things.

Saturday was one of those long days where you look in your bag and are like "Wait, I did that TODAY?! It feels like so long ago!" Here's a list of places we went:
Dylan's Candy Bar

Alice's Tea Cup's Wall of Teas 
...and I think that's it. 

Sunday we had a picnic in Central Park, which worked out extraordinarily well because when I put on the walking shoes I brought with me, I could barely walk! My foot had had enough of that shoe's support and opted for resting instead. So that was my weekend, four hours there and back on the bus and I don't think we stopped moving for a second once I got to the city! 

I brought Cal back gobs of candy and some leftovers from the food truck (which he LOVED), so he wasn't too upset at me for leaving him alone for a whole long long weekend.  

Thanks for being such a fantastic host Kat! 
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