Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iOS 6 Vent(ing) Machine

I was so excited to get iOS 6. I don't really remember why, but I just have this THING with updates. I'll wait to update my phone or computer or iPad until there's an app that has something cool in the update that I'm excited about. New features for something I already purchased? Yes, please.

Except with this. This was depressing. Pretty quickly after the long-awaited iOS 6 update, I realized that I wasn't able to use flyover, with my outdated and ancient iPhone 4. Then, I realized that the great new Apple "Maps" doesn't include bus directions. Or walking directions. But more importantly, bus directions. 95% of the time I travel, I do so by bus. This is a HUGE disappointment. They have the same toolbar at the top with a car, bus and person icon, but when you click on the bus, it directs you to the app store where you can *buy* $40 routing apps. I am shaking my head at you, Apple, and shaking it hard.

Then last night, I went to watch a video on YouTube and guess which other Google app has now disappeared? Yes, that too. You can download the new YouTube app from the app store on the iPhone, but for the iPad, you have to go with a different one or use it through Safari. But after reading some reviews, this may not be such a bad thing as the other apps search more than just YouTube for your keywords and turns up popular viral videos.

And just a little angry frustration, the new mail refresh loop is cute and pretty, but now I can no longer refresh my mailbox from inside a message like I used to. I have to go back to the Inbox screen every time.

Have you been disillusioned with this update? All of your sweet Apple dreams come crashing in on you as the apps you know and love have disappeared? Or have you had to rearrange your whole iPad home screen because they changed the graphic for the clock into completely different colors, thereby destroying the app color gradient you spent weeks perfecting? (Yes, I arrange my apps by color.) 
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