Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art Gallery

Cal and I were walking around Northampton and went into this gallery for the first time that used to be a bank. We didn't realize it until we walked into a room that was the inside of the bank vault. It had two thick doors; one opened inside and the other outside. Magical.

There was also a Dr. Seuss display with lithographs and even some original artwork that aren't found in his books. We were both entirely impressed with his skill as an artist and his imagination in an entirely new level.

The last artist we saw was fantastic, Max Stanley's Lucid Journeys paintings. I suggest you look them up because they are mind-boggling and so, so interesting. Our favorite is called "Is liquid light waves or particles?" You can view it by using the link to his work above.

Have you gone in somewhere you've never noticed before?


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