Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wisdom, straight from my wisdom file

In my seemingly never-ending job search, I have come to a few conclusions regarding the whole "college" thing. First off, when they tell you "you can major in anything you want, most jobs don't care what degree you have," they are only telling a half-truth. A good portion of the jobs I've seen request specific majors, others list "areas" that your major would fall in. Like social sciences, marketing and journalism, design, business-related, etc. Except you don't really find many that look for social science majors. It's far more rare to come across a job listing that says only "bachelor's degree" without a preferred concentration or experience that you would probably only have through said major. Which, really, defeats the purpose of not just asking for a specific major to begin with. Oh employers, doing your best to dash hopes.

I can't tell you how many times I think about going back in time and changing my Poli Sci major into something with specific job opportunities. Not that I didn't enjoy doing that, I loved my major, but unless you want to go into politics, you really have to get lucky or pursue a higher degree. And for me, pursuing a higher degree right now would be a disaster for everyone in my life. Like, midnight phone calls to anyone in my address book crying in frustration. (don't worry, I won't inflict this pain on you for at least two years)

So yes, you can major in anything you want, but if you don't major in something with specific job opportunities, you will have to work very, very hard to get hired afterwards for a place you actually want to work for. Unless you have connections. In which case, we should be really good friends and you should hook me up. With your connections. At once. But I don't want to discourage anyone from studying what they want, I am only against counselors and advisors not mentioning these things to students so they know exactly what they're stepping into. Full awareness, people.

What I'm saying is... Well, I'm frustrated. But more to the point, Calvin's spent most of today creating his very own dubstep beat, which has nothing (maybe a little something) to do with the fact that I wish I had a job. (just kidding, he's actually really good at it)


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