Thursday, July 05, 2012

Taste of Amherst

On Saturday (June 16), Cal, a friend and I went to Puffer's Pond for some swimming and then meandered into the center to go to Taste of Amherst. It was essentially a bunch of local vendors serving up representatives of their main dishes for a pretty low price. One vendor sold a bowl of General Tso's chicken for $3, there was also ice cream (we tried pumpkin flavor, it was good except for the random thick pieces of pumpkin that surfaced, way too chewy and gross), Belgian fries, pub food, African food... A whole bunch of food. There was also live music all day including some people Cal knew from the recording studio he interns at.

It was beautiful weather and a great experience, I'm very grateful that Amherst has these community events that really introduce you to what the area has to offer and encourages people to come together. Are there these types of events where you're from? Do you wish there were? I know back home there aren't many opportunities like this and a lot of people have never experienced a small business environment like the one here. I definitely had never encountered it prior to moving to New England and I would never go back now.

Hats off to the people moving away from corporations and going local again.

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