Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally Friday (4)

Today is a rainy day, but that's just fine with me. Not only does that mean that life on earth is cooler, but tomorrow we're heading to the beach! Cal's family always rents a cottage for two weeks so we, being unemployed young adults, will be going for a good chunk of that time. Sun, ocean, beach, and relaxation! Pray for good weather!

[Photo is of Calvin from when we were in Boston with my family. I just recently edited it and then I realized I loved it. Ahhhhh]
  1. Doing laundry and using my drying rack, which I love. Especially when Cal wrings the clothes out for me so I don't have to strain my tiny, breakable wrists. 
  2. James Bond movies OnDemand. (Too bad it ends on 07/31)
  3. I was lucky enough to see many of my friends before they moved away. Since we're going to be gone for most of this month, they'll all be leaving before I get back. 

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