Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthdays and Memories

Today's my grandpa's birthday. He passed away a few years ago, but somehow he is still an incredibly relevant presence in my family. For me, there are certain childhood memories and likes and dislikes that are tied to him. His friends and he used to put money underneath a porcelain bird for me to get a soda with, and for a long time I was experiencing a biological and scientific miracle! (this bird was not only laying money instead of eggs, but wasn't even a real bird!) Or when I was younger and he would bring toys home randomly that he bought during the day. Once a dollhouse, another time one of those fake bass fish mounted to wood that sings "Don't Worry Be Happy." My grandma wasnt too happy about the last one though.

I like salt and pepper on my salads because he did and I enjoy the occasional snack of buttered Saltine crackers (weird, I know) because I would help my grandma make them for him every day after he came home from work. (Every once in a while he would ask for half with butter and the other half with peanut butter, always arranged on a plate, served on that big old tray.)

So happy birthday grandpa, we're all thinking about you today.


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