Friday, June 29, 2012

Death (and rebirth) of a Computer

So last week, I drafted up a bunch of posts that I need to add stuff to with my laptop. All fine, right? Things were all good until on Tuesday morning, I turned my computer on to a black screen with no start-up sound. Yikes! I took it in to get it serviced and it turns out my recalled graphics card finally failed enough to qualify for a free replacement of the logic board. Fast forward to today (Friday) and my computer is back in working order and, I might say, better than before. So you'll be seeing some, hopefully interesting, posts starting next week.

In the meantime, I've been watching Excel tutorials on YouTube with my iPad to improve my skill set and holy crap! Excel is difficult. I mean apart from the simple make a table/make a chart, it is soo complicated, to the point that even making a table involves ten nested formulas and a few macros. So anyone who considers themselves to be an Excel Yoda (I'll take a Professor McGonagall too) throw in some tips and hints. Share the knowledge!

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