Thursday, June 21, 2012

Air Conditioning, among other things

The move has officially been completed, although not everything is hung up/put away. More importantly than that though is the weather. It has been uncommonly hot. It feels like I'm back in the Mojave Desert, except my apartment doesn't have central air... or air at all, at least until today. And even at that, it's only a window unit in the bedroom reserved for sleepless nights.

So right now, I've been sitting in a coffee shop (Rao's), taking advantage of their air conditioning and electricity and reading for two hours (and one + a bit to go). We're having dinner with some friends and checking out a dining table they're giving away for free. A spectacular combination.

Things I am grateful for, at this very minute:

The cool weather that is coming in next week • sunshine • dinner with friends for the second time this week • in-person interactions • the maintenance guy who fixed the shower and put in the air conditioner for me • "Lola" coming on the speakers • observing strangers exist • cousins who send ALLCAPS texts when they received the package I sent • Youtube exercise videos • sunscreen • homemade homemaking • writing and receiving letters (especially to friends in France) • pumpkin purée

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