Monday, April 09, 2012


I went to Cal's parents' house for Easter and got to hang out with them and his sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles all weekend. It was tons of fun, like always, plus I hadn't seen them in a really long time. I gorged on deviled eggs (and found out why they're called that!), crepes, fish and bacon mashed potatoes. Easter's always really fun because we dye eggs on Saturday (usually accompanied by a few moans and groans and a lack of general inspiration) and then Sunday morning, the Easter bunny hides them all around the house and we go egg-hunting first thing when we wake up. This is always a bit bizarre for me because, while we dyed eggs, we never hid the ACTUAL eggs, you know, just in case you forget one. But everyone in Cal's family does for the morning hunt. It's pretty good reason to make sure you hunt hard and the parents' have a detailed cheat sheet.

Then after lunch, we have another big egg hunt, this time outside with plastic eggs. This year there were 110 eggs hidden and six kids finding them. Keep in mind that when I say "kids," the youngest one is turning 18 this month. It's good fun anyway though, especially when you find those money eggs. And my mom sent me an Easter card so that's an extra dose of awesome.

The photos are of mini carrot cakes Cal's cousin Ashley made that were SO good. And the other is my baby cousin Peep holding deviled eggs my aunt made that look like baby chicks. Unfortunately, all I got from that endeavor was this picture (hint hint... hint... hint.... next time I see you... hint...). 
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