Friday, April 06, 2012

Draw Something: Sun

I, along with many many other people, play Draw Something. I have about 17 active games right now which means it ends up being more of a headache than a game. However sometimes I get the right word with the right people so I get really into drawing it. And this type of thing is usually the result:

The word was "sun" but since Cal has got his head so far into the sky (he loves astronomy), I decided to go all-out on this for him, just for the sake of making him laugh/think I'm awesome. This drawing includes a sun with sunspots and solar flares, the earth, Saturn, Venus and Mercury, a nebula, other stars, and a galaxy. Am I the only one who gets strangely into this game at certain times? Please say no, otherwise this drawing that took around 15 minutes is much more silly than I originally anticipated. 
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