Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Highlighter Magic

 My mom (holler!) got me a new camera for my birthday that I got in the mail yesterday. Naturally, Cal and I spent the rest of the day taking photos of each other. It's got 16 megapixels and HD video recording capabilities. The photos and the settings it has are AMAZING and the video quality is out of this world unbelievable. It can even take 3D photos that can be played on a 3D tv...not that I have one of those, or even want one. But just the fact that it can is awesome. At one point, I decided it would be fun to draw on our faces with highlighters and then take photos under the blacklight. It was so cool in person and the pictures do a pretty good job of capturing what it looked like. This photo collage has a couple fun shots, one of what we looked like in the light when we we're marked up, and a picture I made for Cal. To see the real results, go to my Flickr account HERE. Let me know what you think!


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