Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Generations

 That weekend I was talking about where I helped my family paint and decorate a kid's room, I also cooked breakfast with my mom and my aunt. See, this was special because there were THREE GENERATIONS of my family all bonding over what we three like to do best, cook. Both I and my aunt learned how to cook from my grandma so we were being directly watched over by our mentor. We made biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, toast, and sliced potatoes. A veritable feast for all of us for breakfast.
My grandma means so much to me so it's always special getting to do things like this with her and spend time with her listening to her stories. There's so much to learn about her and her life that I couldn't ever imagine before hearing it. Just today we talked about how she picked the names of her kids, including my mom. I had never thought before that my mom's name was chosen by my grandma just like mine was chosen by my mom. It's a pretty obvious fact, I know, but I had never actually THOUGHT about it that way before. So if you have someone you love, I would tell you to go talk to them, ask them questions about their life and things you never realized about them before while you can, because everything you love could get taken away. 
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