Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold Turkey

 Saying goodbye to Brianne and Layla is always the worst. We spend at least 4-6 hours together every day for weeks and then suddenly, the world expects us to go cold turkey. Like, what? After I left in September, I came back and Layla was a completely different baby. She could run, talk some, interact and share her bottle with me. It's just heartbreaking to say goodbye to them knowing how different everything will be when I get back. And not being able to hang out with Brianne is going to be awful too. Who is going to watch lame but totally addicting TV shows with me? Or drink homemade butterbeer with me? Or spend half our time discussing Harry Potter, the new Harry Potter World and now, The Hunger Games? WHO ELSE IS GOING TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SAY I WANT A BOY TO GIVE ME BREAD?! I know, I know, other people are going to be able to get that reference, but not with all the know-how that Brianne has, especially about me. So what I'm trying to say, essentially, is that saying goodbye to them is literally a heartbreaking, tear-jerking, emotional-roller-coaster every time, because no matter what, I know that the next time I go over there, everything will be completely different. And that just stinks. 


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